Masks of Nyarlathotep

A Strange Ally

Fleeing the temple, they found a building in the darkness where they could hide and rest.

One of the pregnant women went into labor, and Father Mike with Helen’s help birthed a monstrous baby that was a mix between a human, toad, and bat. Father Mike smothered it, the natives were not too pleased with him.

They left the freed prisoners and decided to hunt down the other end of the power cables they had seen strung along the ground from Hustons headquarters. They had another encounter with cultists who were out looking for them, dodged more flying polyps, but eventually came to a series of laboratories in one building that had a bunch of scientific equipment of a strange design. Deep in the back room was a cell with some sort of electrical field in front of it. It housed a strange alien creature which communicated telepathically with Helen.


The creatures name was Kalakatak and it wanted freed. They negotiated with him to fix Gavin’s mind. The creature agreed. He told them he had been pulled through time by the human named Huston and forced to work for him. Kalakatak showed little regard for their primitive intelligence, but with about an hours work used the equipment in the lab to make adjustments to the machinery to repair Gavin’s mind. When it did, memories came flooding back to Gavin recognizing the creature, the city, and lost aeons. Gavin reeled. Kalakatak was quite surprised and made some further adjustments that blocked the worst of the memories and Gavin quieted down.

Kalakatak took his leave and glided off into the lost city.

They fled towards the exit. More cultists and natives waited in ambush by the stairs led by the old man from Cuncudgerie and his shotgun. The noise of the battle drew another polyp and they fled the city in a truck.

They made a long trek north along the Canning Stock Route with little food and injured. A week later they rolled into Darwin, exhausted, starving, wounded and recovering from the horror of their adventure.

The rested and made plans to board a steamship to Shanghai.


Ex Libres Pater Sullivan,

I think I have seen something simply transformative. I have been contemplating this on the way back to Darwin and civilization. This Kalakatak, this strange creature, showed signs of, I would venture, extreme intelligence, honesty and even a kind of concern for us and particularly for poor Gavin. This would not be surprising if he/it? had been a human being but he/she? was not a human being in shape, size or any other determining characteristic except ….. soul?

I have been praying for forgiveness for smothering the “baby” but it was not human and I was afraid of what it might become. Now, I have to at least entertain the idea that if it had been allowed to develop it might have been intelligent and kind and honest and … my God what have I done?!

We are made in the image and likeness of God but maybe it is our souls that are made thus, not our bodies with all their frailties and hungers and penitents for good and for evil. Surely this Kalakatak was, at least in its/her/his soul, made in the image and likeness of the good Lord I have come to know – or at least know a little better — since the war.

I look back on my last thoughts and I am amazed that in so short a period of time I could rationalize a descent back into the mud and death of my life as a sapper – even to the point of trying to convince myself (my reader?) that it was a good thing!??

I need to get some time to myself. Some time to get myself back together. Some time to absorb all of this. Is it possible that there are entities out there, just beyond my limited senses and intelligence that mirror the face of God so much better than I/we do here? Surely there are the angels…. are angels the creatures I seek? My mind is a swirling kaleidoscope of half formed images and questions. I simply must rest……….

A Strange Ally

Thoughts from Helen’s Journal:

Oh my God, all of a sudden my mind was full of thoughts that not only resembled a conversation but was a conversation with an alien creature. It took me awhile to grasp what was happening to me with that creature. After the shock of what was happening I had to defend myself and explain myself the whole while I was scared and beside myself. But the creature did seem to have some compassion for me and my confusion and we did work things out. We did come to an understanding and the creature would fixed Gavin mind again only dulling the worst of his fearful memories,

As we drove with little or no food and water to, Darwin, the next town I couldn’t stop thinking of the encounter I just had with a
Kalakatak creature. My nerves are shot, I’m scared and dry as a bone not to mention hungry.

Ya know that feeling you get when you’re tired and exhausted and just as you yawn you rub your forehead, just for a split second ,a tingling feeling goes up and down your back and you get a chilled and can feel goose bumps instantly on your arms, in a rush, and you have no control over whats happening… Sometimes that’s how I feel that first instant when I see these horrifying creatures and a fear comes over me that this feeling may never stop and I will freeze in fear. Fully aware of everything that’s happening around me but unable to move.

I need to sleep!!!

A Strange Ally

More of Sean’s Ramblings
We are reaching the end, I can feel it. Whether it’s my end or the end of this horrific trail of destruction, I don’t know and I don’t care anymore. I just want to someday lay my head down and not see terrifying images in my mind. Not shake with terror at the thought of opening my eyes in the dark.
Yes, you evil bastard, I will welcome my death.
I am terrified to think back on all we’ve seen and read and experienced – and yet, I have to. I have to piece this puzzle together. We must figure it all out so we can stop it!
Huston is dead. At least that part of it was stopped. M’Weru was not. But we did tinker with the clock thing – so maybe that might buy us some time. Penhew is in Shanghai. He’s the last piece to all of this. I think. My guess is; if we stop Penhew – we stop all of them.
But we stopped Huston, and it still continues. So maybe stopping Penhew won’t matter a damn! Oh God! Then what? Are there more clues to find. Where’s Wakefield? With Penhew? What about Carlyle? Do we need to find him yet, too? I feel a giant weight on me. I can’t breath. My mind is reeling. I can’t breath! I CAN’T BREATH!!!

A Strange Ally

G. Geoffrey Dawson
c/o The Times
Wapping, London, United Kingdon

Gavin Dempsey
c/o Cavenagh Hotel
12 Cavenagh St
Darwin NT 0800, Australia

September 30, 1925

Honourable Mr. Dawson,

It has been far too long since I have contacted you. I am in Australia by way of Kenya but I shant be long. I cannot tell you my next destination as I fear that this letter will be intercepted and we will be more easily found. The conspiracy truly is global and they are powerful. These people commune with great devils and many are powerful sorcerers in their own right. I have been truly afraid for so long is has ceased to keep hold of my emotions. I have become a powerful force because of this and my friends. We must stop the plans these beasts have and our next destination is critical. There is an artifact there; we must find it or I know not if we can complete our charge.

I have written extensively of my experiences although there are gaps. Some because the immediacy of the situation prevented my waxing poetic. Other times because there are gaps in my own experience. I’m not sure how to explain it further. I’m including my notes and what photographs I have been able to obtain as proof of what I claim. Please hold them in a very secure location. London is not safe, nowhere is safe for that matter. You should make more copies and send them to trusted persons. I am duplicating this letter and the attachments and asking a companion to send them by a different route from a different city in Australia to minimize the chances they are lost.

Your most humble friend,
Gavin Dempsey

A Strange Ally

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