Masks of Nyarlathotep

Big Safari

They set off for the Mountain of the Black Wind. They almost lost their guide when Crazy Chucky threatened to cut off his head, only Gavin’s silver tongue convinced him to stay.

As they neared their camp was attacked by cultist tribesmen.

They stayed a week in Ndovu village and healed. They met a missionary there who tended their wounds.

They visited the Corrupt Ground where the Carlyle expedition was massacred, it was spooky.

They left there guide and porter behind and climbed the Black Mountain, following a trail winding up. They found a hidden cave that had a hideous statue of the Bloody Tongue god, a throne, piles of bones and corpses, some sleeping spots and a cage with 50 prisoners, some white. They released the prisoners and found a secret passage behind the statue, one of the prisoners told them the priestess M’Weru and her bodyguards (10 bad ass locals) had gone back there this morning and not yet returned.

Behind the secret door was a ramp leading up into the mountain.


Our guide has put up with more than is deserved from Chuck. I’m not sure why we tolerate his behavior other than that he is quite good with that blade.
We’ve seen the site if the massacre. Horrible and disturbing. The ground was not right, soft in the wrong way. I think we should have investigated further but I was rather rapidly pulled away. Our guide would go no further but promised it destination was less than a day away.
True to his word we arrived and began to scale the mountain. The cultist who escaped us a few days earlier greeted us from the end of a rope. These bloody tongue fellows do not tolerate failure. This would be good too remember, we may be able to use it to our advantage.
The very top of the trail was disused but we found a cave with a horrid idol to the great evil god and oh so many bones. A few were still attached to a number of caged captives whom we freed. They helped us locate a hidden passage up the mountain which we are about to climb, perhaps it will be the last thing we do. One of the captives was kind enough to take this last journal entry back to our guide. Hopefully he will know what to do with it if we do not return in a couple of more days.

Big Safari

We’ve come so far to turn back. But, I think we are not up to this challenge. Never one to run from any fight – I think this time we probably should.
I think there are other avenues to investigate……………..and then come back and clean up this nest of vipers.
I’m thankful we didn’t decimate the prisoners like we talked about. We almost had 50 bloody lives on our hand, and didn’t even know it.
We’ll see if we make it through it all.

Big Safari

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