Masks of Nyarlathotep

Down the Rabbit Hole

They farted around at Dingo Falls, realizing the ghost wanted justice/revenge for his murder, but left him to haunt the falls and headed into the desert.

They traveled four days into the outback, survived a sandstorm. They found an old mining site that was abandonded, but there were human skeletons, strange prints in the sand, and a collapsed mine shaft. One tent was still being used. A madman, Jeremy Grogran, guarded by magical dingos was still here. He told a frightening story of an American, John Carver, who set up the mining operation then killed all the men with horrible creatures from the sky.

They left the madman to his own devices and made towards the coordinates. They narrowly escaped an ambush by Koori tribesmen rolling boulders down onto their trucks and fled onwards, the Koori in pursuit on foot chasing the trucks.

They came to a camp. There were trucks, they recognized Mortimer Wycroft’s truck. A shed surrounded by sandbags had a single white guard that they killed. Stairs went down, a generator powering a line with bulbs to light the way.

The stairs descended 200 feet to an unbelievable ancient buried city of cyclopean scope. Bats roosted at the base of the stairs. The line of lights went into the city. They city buildings down here were huge and somewhat intact. The openings were all curvilinear and the buildings had stairs instead of ramps. It spread out in all directions a sense of awesome size and scale overhelming them.

Following the line of lights, they heard another generator and found a very large lit building. From the trash and supplies around they guessed it was a barracks of some sort, probably housing a large number of cultists. Father Mike ran back upstairs to get the dynamite he bought, but saw the Koori tribesmen from the ambush coming. He also noticed a strange high wind rise up and heard an eerie piping sound that seemed to greatly frighten the tribesmen. Father Mike fled back downstairs, abandoning the idea of dynamiting the building once he realized its size was too much for one stick. The line of lights beckoned on, but they fled into the darkness as they heard their pursuers on the stairs.

The darkness of the cyclopean city was overwhelming and they had a crazed mad dash into nowhere. Soon they noticed more light and came to a lit plaza ringed with electrical lights, a line of lights leading off in two directions. The plaza had a large pit from which came numerous screams and cries, including one clearly of a baby crying. They fled back into the darkness without investigating the pit.

Another crazed dash through endless blackness and after an indeterminate time they found more bulbs lit on a line. Following that to the left they came to another plaza, this one with a humongous purple fleshy mound pressing up through a hole in the floor, bound and bulging in a ring of stone holding it. They soon enough realized it was alive and merely the tip of some gargantuan creature bound by the ring, the unseen bulk of it beneath the floor! Madness!


An Amused Sean
As I stand in the dark away from everyone, taking a much needed wiz, I realize how desperate our situation is. And I chuckle to myself. Because as desperate as all this seems, we’ve been here before. Different parts of the world maybe – but certainly just as deadly. Just as serious. I laugh a little harder because someone is going to die. Someone always dies. It might just be me this time. Dead and left to rot in this stinking cave. Just like James was left to rot in Cairo. And Uncle Chuck in Mombassa. Deadly caves all of them.
And now were in this cave. Strange in appearance, chock full of damn cultists and now comes the creatures. The creatures that drive a sane man to the brink of insanity! …………..And I can’t stop laughing!
What the bloody hell was that thing? Purple mass of grotesque flesh? What else is down here that we’re going to stumble across?
I put my hand on the wall to brace myself – I can’t stop the laughter. Because ………what happen if the lights go out?

Down the Rabbit Hole

I suppose I feel bad for the tortured soul still haunting Dingo Falls but his plight is unrelated to the task at hand and is thus a distraction we did not need. The Koori are also a distraction I’d rather not have but they are, unfortunately, completely relevant to the task. He just escaped their ambush and probably should have setup our own to take them out, now we’ve that many more hunting us in this great city of the ancients.

The city! What a sight. It’s impossible to know how many millennia it has been sequestered beneath the desert. Was it event a desert, or a continent for that matter, when this city was covered up? Who could have created it? Surely not men, it’s far to old, far too alien.

As we run for our lives we are forced to rapidly explore its secrets and that may be out undoing. I’m curious what lays in that pit. I hear a baby cry. Is it a false sound to lure us to our deaths or actually a child? I’m afraid it might be the child we saw birthed in Kenya. If so, we must destroy it but it is surely well guarded. We must locate the rest of the seal and discover the ancient rites used to enact the spell we intend to use to trap the unnamed evil that follows us.

The baby is nothing compared to this huge bulk that already drives us to the brink of madness. What on Earth or in the Heavens could it be? Is it friend, foe, or perhaps neither and just another distraction from our great task? I’m afraid to find out but we must find something to give us an advantage. Perhaps if we can free it the thing will turn on it’s captors and provide us with a way out of the current predicament?

Down the Rabbit Hole

Ex Libre Pater Sullivan,

By all the saints in Heaven I have truly fallen down a rabbit hole here. Not only were my companions unimpressed with my levitating an object of their choosing, they seemed completely unfazed with the idea of leaving a soul to wander alone in the desert for eternity, shrugged off the idea that a sand storm, that sprang up and almost choked us to death, might be a sign from above to turn back and just naturally killed a tribesman so they could plunge into a cave that may have once housed giants.

Now they are dragging me from one horror to another in the darkness of this huge cavern and ignoring sights such as The Pit of Dante’s Inferno and running through one mound of strange shapes and sights to another until they have me facing what may be an appendage of the devil himself. I keep hoping that I am going to wake up and find out this is all the result of eating cold mince pies before retiring. Surely this is some kind of mad nightmare!!!!!!

Down the Rabbit Hole

The Mad thoughts of Helen:

I am insane because I would like 5 or 6 magical dingos to protect me. Jeremy Grogran certainly did nothing so great as to deserve these vicious, protective dogs.

Now I could really use some protection. And another thought keeps running through my head is I have always wanted a cave that went down hundreds of feet with stairs and lights to light the way. Not just lights but with a back up system so the the lights go on and on because I hate the darkness.

Oh yeah, I’m in the complete darkness right now with only millions of tons of dirt and rock that could cave in us at any time because Father Mike has dynamite, seriously in a cave. I’m going to kill him if I live long enough.

I have seen things I would like to pluck my eyes out before looking at them again but I can’t stop looking at that huge, hideious green thing. I guess being in complete darkness isn’t so bad. Oh hell I’m just going to scream!!!!

Down the Rabbit Hole

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