Masks of Nyarlathotep

Exploring the Lost City

They found the string of lights went a long way into the ancient buried city. There were additional generators spaced along the route. At a collapsed area, several of them fell, raising a clatter of rubble and some injuries. As they were treating the scrapes and bruises, a wind began to rise. An underground wind? Then the eerie whistling sound came. It got closer. They panicked and ran into the darkness. A nightmarish flight ensued with the wind and the piping pushing them along until Gavin found an intact building with a roof and they hid. The wind rose to a crescendo and the piping sound drew near. Father Mike wanted to look but the others held him back, Sean nearly fled in panic but was able to steel his will. The sounds and wind died and all grew quiet. They slept a fitful sleep.

Pushing on, it took them a while of blundering in the darkness to find the string of lights again. One flashlight’s battery died. They came to a spot where another string of lights led off to the right, the original continuing on. This one had an extra power cable running along the floor with it, coming from ahead. They went straight.

They came to confluence of 5 strings of lights with a nearby generator. Here was built a 3 story modern wooden house with ramps up the outside to the upper levels, and lit windows. The bottom floor was storage, the middle floor held 7 cages of captives, mostly Koori, one filled with pregnant women. The top floor was the home of Dr. Robert Huston, who greeted them warmly and made them tea. He asked about news of the outside world and was happy to blather on about his awakened intelligence, the nature of man and the universe, and the elder gods who were all powerful and were going to conquer the world with his help and the help of Sir Aubry in Shanghai. Gavin expressed interest in the wired metal helmet in the corner and Dr. Huston offered to demonstrate it’s use. Gavin, thinking to provide a distraction, played along thinking he would simply refuse to put the helmet on for a while. Unfortunately, Dr. Huston cast a spell upon him and commanded him magically. When the machine turned on Gavin went slack and Dr. Huston told him he would now follow the commands of the masters. Gavin nodded blankly. Sean charged up and threatened Dr. Huston with his Tommy to undo what he had done to Gavin. Dr. Huston said no and told Sean to kill the priest who was eying the alien gun on the desk, another spell. Father Mike dove behind the heavy desk as the Tommy gun roared, spraying bullets all around the priest. Helen tried to shoot, Gavin was ordered to restrain her, Dr. Dodge went to her rescue.

Father Mike grabbed the large strange metal alien gun and tried to figure out how to fire it. He nearly blew his own head off with the lightning it discharged blowing a hole in the wall. Huston continued to ensorcel Sean and the Tommy gun chattered at former allies. Finally, after third try, Father Mike rose up behind the desk and blasted Huston with lightning killing him. Dodge restrained Gavin.

Exploring quickly, they found strange alien containers stacked against one wall, hundreds of them, inside were pages covered in alien writing and diagrams, the containers some sort of odd alien book. Huston’s Journal, The Gods of Reality was on his desk, they took that and the lightning gun. They raided the storage for supplies (flashlights, dynamite and food) and freed the slaves, a handful of which fled. While dealing with the freed prisoners, the odd wind arose, and soon the expected whistling. Sean yelled at Father Mike to use the alien gun, as Huston had mentioned it was effective against them. Soon a floating amorphous may eyed tentacled creature appeared out of the darkness, phasing in and out of view. It attacked the fleeing slaves, Father Mike managed to fire the lightning gun and hit it driving it off.

They blew up the house and fled down the line of lights with the extra power cable, prisoners in tow the pregnant ones slowing them down. They came across an armed squad of cultists coming to the site of the explosion, one was a spellcaster and one had his own lightning gun! A battle ensued, the cultists defeated but some of them were injured in the process.

Soon they came to a huge purple dome with archways opening into it. There was a glowing purple dome inside, with a blood stained altar, a massive statue of Father Bat and several other statues of horrific alien gods of madness. The guardians of this temple stirred behind father bat, 3 monstrous toad like bat things with eyeless and mouthless heads and thin stringy tentacles drooping from the leathery wings. They at first thought to fight the monstrosities, but when they sucked up several bullets without dying they thought better and fled.


Ex Libres Pater Sullivan

Sitting here hoping this is all a satanic nightmare and knowing it is satanic alright but not a dream.

The things I have seen since I fell in with this strange mix of people defies description and the things I have done defy the possible efficacy of the confessional.

I am back in a war. Crawling and clawing my way through ground stinking of the dead to place a charge or fire a weapon to add to the death all around me. All the peace my training and early days in the cloth have deserted me. I just used an alien weapon to splatter another human being and then to drive off a demon of some kind that floated in the air spearing innocent men and women with its disgusting tentacles! And all this in a place of darkness and mad shapes possibly miles below ground. I am either living in some form of Hell right now or I have gone to my just reward for the animal I became in the muck of France.

“Eli, Eli, Lema sabachthani?” Those are the words that I find myself repeating again and again in my fevered head. The lead in to the 22nd Psalm: "My God. My God, Why have You abandoned me? But I know why.

New wounds scar my already battle scarred face and my war scarred soul is torn again. I wanted to be a priest but I am still a sapper!

The only thought that calms me a little is that maybe the Lord has found a way for me to be His sapper; here in this Hell on earth.

I must attend to the dying and to the living we have temporarily freed from the clutches of the mad Doctor Huston. I must pull myself together and do what I can both as a sapper and as a priest. God help me, I must……….

But my conscience is whispering to me, He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. But if I do die before we get out of this place I won’t be the first to go that way and I won’t be the first who goes swinging the sword for his Lord. God help me. God help us all.

Holy Mary, Mother of God……………..

Exploring the Lost City

Thoughts of Helen Coulson:

We have to take care of all these poor people who have been held captive for God only knows how long. And the poor pregnant women they must be terrified for their babies and themselves. I’m glad the Koori were sent free but I am keeping my eye on them while we try to get out of here with all these poor people and find food for them on the way.

Go Father Mike! He zapped Huston with own weird prized alien gun and the wind terror thingy.
There is no way I’m going to be even close to sane after today. But Before I loose it completely we have to figure on getting out of here and help these people. First things first. I find when ever I have time to think it terrorizes me, so I need a task, I think that’s why I have been so gun happy. Every time I turn around I’m shooting at somebody and it feels good, in the sense that I’m fighting back not just taking it all the time. I want to live and want my friends to live. I even want these Koori to live.

Exploring the Lost City

.oO ( … )

Exploring the Lost City

From the pen of Dr. David Dodge

I have little time right now but we are resting for a short time. What I have seen in the past couple of days defies explanation. Where do I begin? With the city of course! What a sight! This place is utterly alien in construction and old beyond comprehension. I should immediately begin cataloging and collecting this archaeological wonder but these fool Koori seem hell bent on stopping us. My companions tell me a madman has taken residence with his native dogs and we must clear him out “for the good of all humanity.” I don’t know anything of this but I would like to be able to study just one of these buildings without interruption.

It’s not just the buildings, a strange fleshy substance of deep purple is constrained in one of the common areas. I can’t begin to speculate what it might be. There are great pits where the cries of children can be heard. My companions seem unconcerned but it’s obvious to me that the local tribe is performing some sort of horrid sacrifice, even more reason to get rid of them.

We’ve been travelling for hours from light string to light string and we’ve finally found a recently built structure. Three stories and occupied but Koori at least. We are preparing for some sort of assault so I suspect that my companions fear more attacks. I will write again when I have a moment.


Dearest God almighty what have I gotten myself into? We have just killed a mad man by the name of Huston, some sort of an alienist whom the others seem to know of, or at least knew of. He induced some sort of hypnotic state in our journalist companion who now seems unable to do anything of his own free will but is quite compliant when given instructions. The worst thing is the frightening device used to kill him. It fires what appear to be massive bolts of lightning utterly destroying the target. Except for the strangest discovery yet. Some sort of flying beast with tentacles, many eyes, and a bad temper. I’m not sure if I will make it out of here alive.

Exploring the Lost City

Sean – Becoming unhinged –
Thank God that bastard Huston is dead! I’ll grieve not a second for him. I wish it would have been me to do him in. But he’s dead and that’s all that matters.
Damn these prisoners, they’re slowing us down too much.
Damn Gavin for thinking he could out smart Huston.
Damn those flying eyeball things. I’m ready to wet myself each time I hear that whistling noise.
We’re lost and hurt. Gavin is mindless. We don’t know where to go or what to do next.
We’re setting here in the dark. Hopefully a little light won’t attract too much attention. Because the only thing I can think to do next is to crawl into the crazed mind of Huston. Possibly by ready his journal we can find out what the plan down here was, and stop it!! Or die trying.

Exploring the Lost City

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