Masks of Nyarlathotep

Mopping up in Nairobi

They fled the mountain, dogged by monsters throughout the night. Sean killed a Byakhee.

They caught up with Sam and the released prisoners with the sound of drums beating in the distance. The cult was after them.

That night more monstrosities attacked, including a Hunting Horror. Chaos ensued in a nightmarish blur of horror as blood and screams filled the night. Everybody fled in every direction.

Yesterday there were 50, today 20 survivors. They fled southwards night and day, with Sam Mauriga and James McTavish, a Zebra hunter, leading the way. They were chased by cultists and monsters. It was an exhausting journey with little rest. Eventually they made it back to civilization, starving, sick and exhausted.

They recuperated in Boyovu village with Okomu and Old Bundari. They returned to Nairobi where they found Chuck’s head had been sent, horribly mutilated, probably while he was alive. A missionary priest joined them after having seen what he had seen. They dealt with the police matter of the fire, paying Reggie Barnes $500 to repair his hotel.

They found an altar, graves, cult robes, incense and an ancient tome in Tandoor Singh’s shop. It was a miracle the cult had not cleared it out.

They found Nails Nelson in the loyal defender pub. He was a scumbag drunkard. He verfied seeing Jack Brady in 1923 at a pub in Shanghai, he gave them the address.

They returned to Old Bundari to see if he had found out anything about the Eye of Light and Darkness. He said if it was made whole again it could be activated with a ritual involving men of good heart willing to sacrifice for the cause. The secret of the ritual could be found in some scrolls in the east. Once activated the Eye would block evil power in the vicinity of where the eye was fixed.


Notes from Sean –
I can’t ever remember be so exhausted! And yet, we ran on, fighting the whole time!
Fighting the cultist who would come and attack, dragging people away, day and night. At night the Byakhee returned killing again and again! The constant screams and sobs for days until what few of us were left, had no extra energy. Then it was just run and run faster.
I killed one. The first night, I think it was. A Byakhee swooped down, not getting a good hold on me. The damn thing landed right in front of me! I opened up with Tommy – Christ, that thing didn’t stand a chance! Too damn close though! Smelly son of bitch that thing was!!
Made it out of the savannah – but not even half of us remained! At one point I lost Gavin and Helen. We all got separated. Sam and a few others doubled back with me. We found them. God what a nightmare.
Sam took off for home. McTavish went to his home and we made it back to the Boyuve village. Took a week to get me back on my feet. An interesting missionary Priest that we rescued at the mountain has latched on to us. Fr. Mike. Nice enough guy. He’s Irish, so I feel kinda bad be-friending him. He’s going to be crazy / dead in no time! Sorry sap!
crazy Uncle Chuck is dead, Dead, DEAD!! And I breathe a sigh of relief. He probably suffered. But he’s not suffering anymore. He lead such a tormented life. His soul is released now and he’s at peace.
Took care of business with the police in Nairobi, which cost us $500
Dropped in on Singh’s shop. The local cultist obviously didn’t think we’d be coming back. Everything was as Singh left it. A few more clues to work with.
Met with old Bundari – Time to get the hell out of this shit hole!

Mopping up in Nairobi

Unbreakable. We’re alive dammit, it’s a miracle.
Unfortunately, Uncle Chuck and about 30 other poor souls are not. I don’t know how long we ran, it seemed forever, chased by those horrid beasts. Sean was brave or stupid but managed to send one of them back to the fires from whence it came.

Pressed for time, we were able to sneak back into Nairobi and pay off the hotel owner to get the police off our backs. With that taken care of, an investigation into Singh’s shop turned up further evidence of his guilt. Instead of turning it over to the authorities, we looted the shop. I’m still not sure what we hope to do with these items, but I suppose it’s better that we have them and not the cult.

Some more investigation revealed the location of this Nails fellow. While not terribly helpful he did confirm where and when the sighting occurred. We’ve decided that it’s crucial we head to Shanghai immediately.

We had a few loose ends to clean up, especially with old Bundari. The wise man has determined how we can use the powerful ward to stop the evil god we helped to unleash. We need to find more information in the far east where we were headed anyway.

With that we big farewell to the great continent of Africa. Communication will be more difficult with London so I intend to send one final wire to the Times to inform them I will be in China.

Mopping up in Nairobi

Well now, you just never know where the Spitit will lead you! Eh?

When I found out that The Order wanted me to go to Africa I spent some time in our pretty extensive library trying to get the lay of the land, so to speak. I remember being troubled by the various references to differing kinds of cults and old religions that were still active on the continent but not that troubled. I mean, after all, I would be bringing them the true faith and the love of God. I just assumed the old walls would fall away before the light of truth and that I might soon be on the rolls over at the Vatican for early sainthood for the millions of souls I was saving.

That was before I ran into the real fear that ruled the hearts of the people. They were terrified. And, in the goodness of their hearts, they tried to send me away before it was too late. Their stories of beasts carrying children off into the night and flaming things that burned the beds of men and women who were not good believers had no real effect on me. I knew it was all child’s play and boogey men. And I thought I could free them of their fear by shining the light of day into their darkness. I kept poo-pooing their stories and the things that they equated to this cult of the bloody tounge. I kept it up until the cult came for me!!!!

In the scriptures it says that they who dwell in darkness have seen a great light. That was just a string of words to me until I saw that first weak flashlight coming into the place where I and so many other innocents were penned up in iron cages. That light was the first thing that gave me any hope of living and it turned out to be wielded by this Sean O’Malley mug. I was never so glad to get out of any place on the face of the earth as I was to get out of that putrid cave! Running almost directly into O’Malley’s guides and their people was a miracle and I thought I was safe again.

Then came the night of horror! The people were right about the beasts…. beasts no one has ever seen before! The blood! The screams in the darkness and the maddened running! It was like a page out of some description of hell… it was. In the morning the dwindling number of locals and guides/bearers gave testiment to the fact that this was not a dream…. not a nightmare…. but something real and unholy. It was in this morning light that it became clear to me that Sean and Gavin and this Helen girl had not wandered into the cave by accident but that they were actively trying to stop the evil that pervaded all of the area around that accursed mountain. They came there to stop the birth of some kind of horror…. They failed and lost one of their company in the failing. But they were actively talking amongst themselves about what new course to take. Unbelievable!

Next day or so they asked me to go into Niarobi and talk to this newspaper lady. She didn’t bat an eye but picked up lock, stock and barrel and went to see the three remaining adventurers. On top of that, some villiage shaman has sent word to them about something they had left for him to evaluate. For a rag-tag trio out of nowhere these people seem to have convinced more than me to maybe help them. Then they started talking about going to Shanghai.

I was still pondering what this must all be about and then they took me into a local warehouse and, almost like they knew it was there, they found a secret door to a hand-dug basement room where all means of evil had been practiced! There were graves you could smell the dead in…. altars and idols of evil things with tentacles… I went into a fury destroying the altar and smashing the idol… I had no idea I had this in me!!!! Not only that, my fate was sealed. Where this troop goes…. so goes Father Mike Sullivan!!!!!!!!

I am sure the Archbishop would approve so I will just tell him that I am onward to save souls. It’s good to be a Jesuit!!!!!

Mopping up in Nairobi

Thoughts and Tears from Helen:

Poor Uncle Charlie I’m so glad it is over for him, the pain the nightmares, the feelings of always being out of step with the rest of the world.

But was he?
He wasn’t crazy… he was overwhelmed with the knowledge of what was really out there…lurking…hiding in the dark night…so dark and evil words can’t express or explain or understand.
The only way to fight this is to get crazy enough to believe this evil exists and crazy enough to believe something can be done. Crazy enough to believe that we can make a difference…crazy enough to believe we can stop this evil…this horrible dark black evil!!!
Crazy enough to die trying!!!

Mopping up in Nairobi

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