Masks of Nyarlathotep


They talked Sam Mariga into being a guide to the location of the Carlysle massacre and the Mt of the Black Wind.

Sean went to the Tea Shoppe of Tandoor Singh.

The hotel was attacked by more Fire Vampires, the Egyptian kid almost died.

Chucky saw the Indian guy from the train toilet watching the fire. He killed him almost dying himself from the hotel owners rifle and the Indian guy’s eye melting spell.

They fled town (arsonists), Sam Mariga told them they were wanted for the death of Tandoor Singh as well as burning down the hotel.


Notes From Sean -
The one time I should have brought Uncle chuck with me, I didn’t! Damn! That hotel would probably still be standing. He and only he recognized Tandoor Singh as the guy from the train toilet. That son of a bitch was the one responsible for all the fire vampires on the train and here in Nairobi. Thank God he’s dead! But, we’re all wanted for his death (upstanding citizen and all). And for burning down the hotel. Which, of course, we didn’t do. But, there’s not a soul alive that going to believe that one! So, it’s time to vamoose.
I don’t think mentally we’re ready for this journey. But then again, if we were mentally ready for this, we’d be mentally insane!
Lead on Sam…….


Wanted, in another town. Sean seems to have a way with the local authorities. I’m not sure if I hate him or love him for it. Regardless, it’s obvious that we can’t stay in Nairobi. The Mountain calls our name, I hear it on the night wind. Charlie wants to investigate Singh further but I know that is terrible idea. They’ll obviously be waiting for us there, even if there’s important information in his building. We must prepare for our investigation of the Mountain. I’d say assault but that would be lunacy. The evil must be stopped but through force of will, not force of arms.

I wonder if Charlie may be right after all. Surely it is suicide to break into Singh’s shop but there must be some connection to the priestess. Maybe he has some key information, or a powerful artifact to aid us in our quest. My sleep is fitful as I waffle between options. I fear this is no answer that does not end in our untimely deaths but we can’t let the Cult follow through with their foul plans, that much is sure.

It is still dark out, I don’t know what time it is, but I haven’t had any rest…


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