Masks of Nyarlathotep

Out to the Outback

Sean helped Gavin recover from his month long bout of amnesia.

Mike and Helen, in Port Headland, made contact with Robert BF McKenzie, mining engineer and friend of Arthur McWhirr. Professor Dodge made introductions. From McKenzie they learned that McWhirr died in 1921 from influenza, tragically before he could return to follow up on his findings. About 18 months agao a man that sounded like Dr. Huston had come to him and asked to see McWhirr’s notes and photos. He absconded with them, the scoundrel. All he didn’t get was one journal and 4 photos which McKenzie had given to Professor Cowles. McKenzie had long memorized the coordinates of the stones, which he shared. Dodge and McKenzie got out maps and Dodge planned a route to the coordinates and began making preparations for their expedition, including buying two light Daimler trucks in Cuncudgerie for which he needed funds.

Sean and Gavin arrived Port Headland. The all spent some time gathering information:

  • Gold bearing reefs occur eastwards for hundreds, maybe thousands of miles.
  • Deadly snakes exist in the deep desert
  • There was a big mining disaster far to the east, but the company responsible paid off the politicians and the whole thing was covered up. Some twenty-five men were killed, among them Derby Dave the Welshman, who did some work for Mortimer Wycroft. This was a while ago.
  • A crazy American bloke took a crew of two dozen men into the bush, had them dig a shaft thirty feet deep, then told them to stop, gave them a big bonus, and sent every man to Darwin to collect his pay. This was a while ago.
  • Some drovers who brought in beef over the Canning stock route swore that things the size of bears stole some of their cattle. That was “about a year ago”. The attacks were alleged to have taken place somewhere east of the Percival Lakes.
  • The Slatterys, who live out by Dingo Falls, are quite unfriendly and should be avoided
  • An American gentleman named Jonh Carver conducted surveys and exploratory diggings along the Canning stock route.
  • There’s been a ghost seen up North recently near Dingo Falls. Old Mad Ginger Muldoon claims to have encountered it.
  • Three huge birds were seen in the area about two weeks ago, must have been twenty feet at the wing.
  • The American fellow who dug the mine shaft in the sand and the American John Carver are one and the same. His outfitting was done by Mortimer Wycroft, right here in Port Headland.
  • A weird, sinister tribe of incredibly tall and emaciated Kooris has been encountered far to the east
  • Five of six years ago a bloke claimed to have found big squared off blocks of stone in the desert.
  • There is an underground city somewhere in the desert

Visiting Wycroft they found his store to be dilapitated but stuffed with equipment. Three Kooris lounged outside, one with a tatoo resembling the sand bat symbol on his arm. Wycroft did not know a John Carver nor recognize a picture of Huston, at least that’s what the creepy old man claimed.

They snuck into Wycrofts in the middle of the night and got into a fight with the 3 Kooris who were snoozing upstairs. The fight ended when Mortimer started opening up with his 12 gauge from the stairs, convincing them to flee but pretty sure the Kooris were successfully murdered.

The next morning they returned to Wycrofts which was closed. They used the gas pump out front to burn it down, resulting in a TREMENDOUS explosion. Dodge wasn’t too happy when he connected them to this event, but he was convinced to leave for the expedition immediately.

They stopped at Dingo Falls on their way to the desert. There were 3 caves, one of which had human bones deep inside. There were scraps of clothing but the boots were missing. They buried them and camped a little ways away since it was late. Father Mike saw a figure in the darkness in the middle of the night that disappeared when investigated. Was this the ghost of Dingo Falls?


Ex Libre Pater Michael Sullivan:

Dear Diary please forgive the shakiness of my handwriting. I seem to have developed a bit of a palsy or something. Even I can discern the difference between the entries before the experiment and the ones that follow it here. God Save Us All.

Back in theology class there was this Monsignor who posited that the existence of God proved the existence of the devil and vice’-a-verse. And that is all well and good. I mean contemplating and logically proving this and that. The Good Lord Himself will attest to the hundreds of hours we spent doing that, I mean, counting the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin and so on. It is an entirely different thing to find oneself face to face with a fact and not an argument.

To me, every hour and every day since the experiment have been ephemeral. It is almost as if one moment I was there looking at what was happening and the next I was here in the outback watching a figure that was not a figure at all.

I guess I am not making much sense here am I? That is because I have not recorded the results of the experiment here – or anywhere else for that matter. I bet you are wondering what experiment I am talking about and maybe wondering what happened to have such an effect on me.

To tell the truth, it is hard for me to commit it to paper but I guess I have to at some point. You see, the shoe lifted off the bed and just hung there before my very eyes!

I remember scuttling backward like some kind of crayfish until the further wall would let me retreat no further …. but it just hung there, turning above the covers. Impossible, yet true!!!

Some of the scrolls and books, that these people from the US and England have accumulated in their quest, contain ancient spells and arcane rituals that are supposed to achieve certain effects including the ability to call ancient beings and creatures back into existence in this world or allow the spell caster to call upon these beings for things he wants to happen here. Some, it would appear, involve animal and even human sacrifice as part of the preparation for casting the spells. Evil is as evil does. What these spells portend to do is to call on various demons and devils and creatures of darkness. These spells, incantations, and rituals are clearly demonic and evil. It sucked at my soul to even read them – and to tell the truth, reading them was no easy task. The true meaning of what I was trying to decipher would come up out of the paper and parchments like something slowly coming up out of muddy water so that I didn’t truly understand what a thing was until a bit after I had pulled the base wording together. Again and again, these hideous things took shape slowly in my mind’s eye and I would start back from the page as they did. I am sweating profusely even now recalling how I slowly gleaned what some of these things were.

Then, I came across this simple spell, that appeared to be for the purpose of levitating an object. It demanded no sacrifice and so on, just the words and hand motions. I should have walked away at that point or maybe I should have run away but I didn’t. I found a quiet time back at the ranch and spoke the ancient Latin words as I waved my hands in the proscribed patterns. And the shoe lifted off the bed right in front of my eyes!!!!!

Don’t you see? If this spell works so might the others and If they work there is an ancient evil nearby and If there is such an evil there is also an ancient good. My God is alive and well and nearby!!! I wonder what the Monsignor would make of this. Yes I do. Oh praise God in the heights and depths!!! I am alternately taken with spasms of the utmost joy and the utmost fear. No wonder Dear Diary that my hands shake so.

I am only now becoming vaguely aware that my companions and I are now on the brink of uncovering more of this ancientness. Yes,
it appears there are things in the Outback that need correction.

I wonder if I have seen my first ghost……………. Praise the Lord!!!!! Alleluia!

Out to the Outback

Thought from Helen’s diary.

As I leaned back and closed my eyes I thought I better practice with my .38 tomorrow, I want to get real good with it. It seems I think that every night before I go to bed these days. Less than a year ago I never thought I would ever own a gun. Uncle Charlie, who I miss so dearly, made me realize that he only came along to protect me and by any means necessary or possible. So whether you are part of an army or in a group of friends you need to be prepared and willing to do what ever is necessary.

Again with the huge birds with over a 20 ft. wing span, the ghosts of Dingo falls and huge cattle eating bears. My head is pounding I’m having a difficult time figuring out whats real and not real.

Huston and Carver are the same guy more that likely and McKenzie and Dodge got the maps and the coordinated figured out and not we are faced with three caves.

If I could only get some sleep.

Out to the Outback

We’ve had problems returning to the scene of the crime (figurative and literal). That is no longer an issue as our latest jaunt has ended in arson. What better motivation to push forward?
I worry our new companion pushes too far. He’s learned a magic spell but seems a little over eager. A few short months ago I would be mad with terror in this situation, now it seems to be no big deal. Our man of God seems to be justifying his new found powers as Godly but they are nothing of the sort. This view is likely to get us in trouble and we must keep an eye on him.

We head further into the desert and have some time to reflect on our trip. What do we hope to find out here? I’m not really sure but it seems that it is tied to the awful things we have seen in Africa, perhaps it is a focus of the evil we’ve witnessed already?
I believe the stones seen in the desert are part of this ancient buried city rumored to exist somewhere out there. This city may be the home and central seat of the evil one who pursues us. If so, maybe we can send him back with some ritual performed in this city? We can only hope.

I go to sleep now and hope for rest as it may be the last I get for some time.

Out to the Outback

Thoughts from Sean –
I’m not sure where all this is going to lead us. To Hell? Possibly. John Huston was here, we know that, and It’s important. There is so much other info. What’s important? What’s not? What leads do we follow today, tomorrow? My head is spinning and i feel like I’m drowning. And worse of all, our young Priest fellow is casting spells!!!! Daily I pray for his soul.
Time to think, drink and figure it all out. We just have to stay strong and stay together.

Out to the Outback

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