Jack Brady

Carlyle confidant and bodyguard


Jack Oriel “Brass” Brady

His police record lists assaults and barroom brawls, petty theft, loitering, gambling, mopery, public drunkenness, and an acquitted murder charge. As a Marine sergeant, Jack Brady served in China and later on the Western Front in France, earning a Bronze Star and other commendations.

The murder acquittal was in Oilfield California, just about the time Roger Carlyle was expelled from USC. The best legal minds in the country were hired for the defense, who proceeded to blow to pieces the seemingly open-and-shut case offered by the county proscecutor and eclipsing the testimony of seven eye-witnesses. Brady was acquitted on a variety of technical grounds. From that time, Jack Brady and Roger Carlyle rarely were separated – at times Brady was Carlyle’s bodyguard, and at other times was his spokesman. For the expedition, Brady acted as general foreman and manager, and by all accounts performed well.

Jack Brady

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