Masks of Nyarlathotep

A Strange Ally

Fleeing the temple, they found a building in the darkness where they could hide and rest.

One of the pregnant women went into labor, and Father Mike with Helen’s help birthed a monstrous baby that was a mix between a human, toad, and bat. Father Mike smothered it, the natives were not too pleased with him.

They left the freed prisoners and decided to hunt down the other end of the power cables they had seen strung along the ground from Hustons headquarters. They had another encounter with cultists who were out looking for them, dodged more flying polyps, but eventually came to a series of laboratories in one building that had a bunch of scientific equipment of a strange design. Deep in the back room was a cell with some sort of electrical field in front of it. It housed a strange alien creature which communicated telepathically with Helen.


The creatures name was Kalakatak and it wanted freed. They negotiated with him to fix Gavin’s mind. The creature agreed. He told them he had been pulled through time by the human named Huston and forced to work for him. Kalakatak showed little regard for their primitive intelligence, but with about an hours work used the equipment in the lab to make adjustments to the machinery to repair Gavin’s mind. When it did, memories came flooding back to Gavin recognizing the creature, the city, and lost aeons. Gavin reeled. Kalakatak was quite surprised and made some further adjustments that blocked the worst of the memories and Gavin quieted down.

Kalakatak took his leave and glided off into the lost city.

They fled towards the exit. More cultists and natives waited in ambush by the stairs led by the old man from Cuncudgerie and his shotgun. The noise of the battle drew another polyp and they fled the city in a truck.

They made a long trek north along the Canning Stock Route with little food and injured. A week later they rolled into Darwin, exhausted, starving, wounded and recovering from the horror of their adventure.

The rested and made plans to board a steamship to Shanghai.

Exploring the Lost City

They found the string of lights went a long way into the ancient buried city. There were additional generators spaced along the route. At a collapsed area, several of them fell, raising a clatter of rubble and some injuries. As they were treating the scrapes and bruises, a wind began to rise. An underground wind? Then the eerie whistling sound came. It got closer. They panicked and ran into the darkness. A nightmarish flight ensued with the wind and the piping pushing them along until Gavin found an intact building with a roof and they hid. The wind rose to a crescendo and the piping sound drew near. Father Mike wanted to look but the others held him back, Sean nearly fled in panic but was able to steel his will. The sounds and wind died and all grew quiet. They slept a fitful sleep.

Pushing on, it took them a while of blundering in the darkness to find the string of lights again. One flashlight’s battery died. They came to a spot where another string of lights led off to the right, the original continuing on. This one had an extra power cable running along the floor with it, coming from ahead. They went straight.

They came to confluence of 5 strings of lights with a nearby generator. Here was built a 3 story modern wooden house with ramps up the outside to the upper levels, and lit windows. The bottom floor was storage, the middle floor held 7 cages of captives, mostly Koori, one filled with pregnant women. The top floor was the home of Dr. Robert Huston, who greeted them warmly and made them tea. He asked about news of the outside world and was happy to blather on about his awakened intelligence, the nature of man and the universe, and the elder gods who were all powerful and were going to conquer the world with his help and the help of Sir Aubry in Shanghai. Gavin expressed interest in the wired metal helmet in the corner and Dr. Huston offered to demonstrate it’s use. Gavin, thinking to provide a distraction, played along thinking he would simply refuse to put the helmet on for a while. Unfortunately, Dr. Huston cast a spell upon him and commanded him magically. When the machine turned on Gavin went slack and Dr. Huston told him he would now follow the commands of the masters. Gavin nodded blankly. Sean charged up and threatened Dr. Huston with his Tommy to undo what he had done to Gavin. Dr. Huston said no and told Sean to kill the priest who was eying the alien gun on the desk, another spell. Father Mike dove behind the heavy desk as the Tommy gun roared, spraying bullets all around the priest. Helen tried to shoot, Gavin was ordered to restrain her, Dr. Dodge went to her rescue.

Father Mike grabbed the large strange metal alien gun and tried to figure out how to fire it. He nearly blew his own head off with the lightning it discharged blowing a hole in the wall. Huston continued to ensorcel Sean and the Tommy gun chattered at former allies. Finally, after third try, Father Mike rose up behind the desk and blasted Huston with lightning killing him. Dodge restrained Gavin.

Exploring quickly, they found strange alien containers stacked against one wall, hundreds of them, inside were pages covered in alien writing and diagrams, the containers some sort of odd alien book. Huston’s Journal, The Gods of Reality was on his desk, they took that and the lightning gun. They raided the storage for supplies (flashlights, dynamite and food) and freed the slaves, a handful of which fled. While dealing with the freed prisoners, the odd wind arose, and soon the expected whistling. Sean yelled at Father Mike to use the alien gun, as Huston had mentioned it was effective against them. Soon a floating amorphous may eyed tentacled creature appeared out of the darkness, phasing in and out of view. It attacked the fleeing slaves, Father Mike managed to fire the lightning gun and hit it driving it off.

They blew up the house and fled down the line of lights with the extra power cable, prisoners in tow the pregnant ones slowing them down. They came across an armed squad of cultists coming to the site of the explosion, one was a spellcaster and one had his own lightning gun! A battle ensued, the cultists defeated but some of them were injured in the process.

Soon they came to a huge purple dome with archways opening into it. There was a glowing purple dome inside, with a blood stained altar, a massive statue of Father Bat and several other statues of horrific alien gods of madness. The guardians of this temple stirred behind father bat, 3 monstrous toad like bat things with eyeless and mouthless heads and thin stringy tentacles drooping from the leathery wings. They at first thought to fight the monstrosities, but when they sucked up several bullets without dying they thought better and fled.

Down the Rabbit Hole

They farted around at Dingo Falls, realizing the ghost wanted justice/revenge for his murder, but left him to haunt the falls and headed into the desert.

They traveled four days into the outback, survived a sandstorm. They found an old mining site that was abandonded, but there were human skeletons, strange prints in the sand, and a collapsed mine shaft. One tent was still being used. A madman, Jeremy Grogran, guarded by magical dingos was still here. He told a frightening story of an American, John Carver, who set up the mining operation then killed all the men with horrible creatures from the sky.

They left the madman to his own devices and made towards the coordinates. They narrowly escaped an ambush by Koori tribesmen rolling boulders down onto their trucks and fled onwards, the Koori in pursuit on foot chasing the trucks.

They came to a camp. There were trucks, they recognized Mortimer Wycroft’s truck. A shed surrounded by sandbags had a single white guard that they killed. Stairs went down, a generator powering a line with bulbs to light the way.

The stairs descended 200 feet to an unbelievable ancient buried city of cyclopean scope. Bats roosted at the base of the stairs. The line of lights went into the city. They city buildings down here were huge and somewhat intact. The openings were all curvilinear and the buildings had stairs instead of ramps. It spread out in all directions a sense of awesome size and scale overhelming them.

Following the line of lights, they heard another generator and found a very large lit building. From the trash and supplies around they guessed it was a barracks of some sort, probably housing a large number of cultists. Father Mike ran back upstairs to get the dynamite he bought, but saw the Koori tribesmen from the ambush coming. He also noticed a strange high wind rise up and heard an eerie piping sound that seemed to greatly frighten the tribesmen. Father Mike fled back downstairs, abandoning the idea of dynamiting the building once he realized its size was too much for one stick. The line of lights beckoned on, but they fled into the darkness as they heard their pursuers on the stairs.

The darkness of the cyclopean city was overwhelming and they had a crazed mad dash into nowhere. Soon they noticed more light and came to a lit plaza ringed with electrical lights, a line of lights leading off in two directions. The plaza had a large pit from which came numerous screams and cries, including one clearly of a baby crying. They fled back into the darkness without investigating the pit.

Another crazed dash through endless blackness and after an indeterminate time they found more bulbs lit on a line. Following that to the left they came to another plaza, this one with a humongous purple fleshy mound pressing up through a hole in the floor, bound and bulging in a ring of stone holding it. They soon enough realized it was alive and merely the tip of some gargantuan creature bound by the ring, the unseen bulk of it beneath the floor! Madness!

Out to the Outback

Sean helped Gavin recover from his month long bout of amnesia.

Mike and Helen, in Port Headland, made contact with Robert BF McKenzie, mining engineer and friend of Arthur McWhirr. Professor Dodge made introductions. From McKenzie they learned that McWhirr died in 1921 from influenza, tragically before he could return to follow up on his findings. About 18 months agao a man that sounded like Dr. Huston had come to him and asked to see McWhirr’s notes and photos. He absconded with them, the scoundrel. All he didn’t get was one journal and 4 photos which McKenzie had given to Professor Cowles. McKenzie had long memorized the coordinates of the stones, which he shared. Dodge and McKenzie got out maps and Dodge planned a route to the coordinates and began making preparations for their expedition, including buying two light Daimler trucks in Cuncudgerie for which he needed funds.

Sean and Gavin arrived Port Headland. The all spent some time gathering information:

  • Gold bearing reefs occur eastwards for hundreds, maybe thousands of miles.
  • Deadly snakes exist in the deep desert
  • There was a big mining disaster far to the east, but the company responsible paid off the politicians and the whole thing was covered up. Some twenty-five men were killed, among them Derby Dave the Welshman, who did some work for Mortimer Wycroft. This was a while ago.
  • A crazy American bloke took a crew of two dozen men into the bush, had them dig a shaft thirty feet deep, then told them to stop, gave them a big bonus, and sent every man to Darwin to collect his pay. This was a while ago.
  • Some drovers who brought in beef over the Canning stock route swore that things the size of bears stole some of their cattle. That was “about a year ago”. The attacks were alleged to have taken place somewhere east of the Percival Lakes.
  • The Slatterys, who live out by Dingo Falls, are quite unfriendly and should be avoided
  • An American gentleman named Jonh Carver conducted surveys and exploratory diggings along the Canning stock route.
  • There’s been a ghost seen up North recently near Dingo Falls. Old Mad Ginger Muldoon claims to have encountered it.
  • Three huge birds were seen in the area about two weeks ago, must have been twenty feet at the wing.
  • The American fellow who dug the mine shaft in the sand and the American John Carver are one and the same. His outfitting was done by Mortimer Wycroft, right here in Port Headland.
  • A weird, sinister tribe of incredibly tall and emaciated Kooris has been encountered far to the east
  • Five of six years ago a bloke claimed to have found big squared off blocks of stone in the desert.
  • There is an underground city somewhere in the desert

Visiting Wycroft they found his store to be dilapitated but stuffed with equipment. Three Kooris lounged outside, one with a tatoo resembling the sand bat symbol on his arm. Wycroft did not know a John Carver nor recognize a picture of Huston, at least that’s what the creepy old man claimed.

They snuck into Wycrofts in the middle of the night and got into a fight with the 3 Kooris who were snoozing upstairs. The fight ended when Mortimer started opening up with his 12 gauge from the stairs, convincing them to flee but pretty sure the Kooris were successfully murdered.

The next morning they returned to Wycrofts which was closed. They used the gas pump out front to burn it down, resulting in a TREMENDOUS explosion. Dodge wasn’t too happy when he connected them to this event, but he was convinced to leave for the expedition immediately.

They stopped at Dingo Falls on their way to the desert. There were 3 caves, one of which had human bones deep inside. There were scraps of clothing but the boots were missing. They buried them and camped a little ways away since it was late. Father Mike saw a figure in the darkness in the middle of the night that disappeared when investigated. Was this the ghost of Dingo Falls?

Off to Oz

One of Johnstone Kenyatta’s men came to Boyovu village and told them some unsavory characters were asking about them. Johnstone offered to help them escape Kenya, they decided to go to Australia. Kenyatta smuggled them to Zanzibar where they hopped a steamer to Aden then to Perth.

In Aden Sean wired Professor Cowles at Arkham and told him some about related cults in Africa and they wanted to explore his leads to the sand bat cult in Australia, please wire them in Perth. The missionary who joined them was fascinated by some of the tomes they had and started learning spells on the 3 week journey.

Arriving Perth there was a telegram from Cowles telling them they could see the journal of Arthur McWhirr that he had left in his home in Sydney. See his friend Dr. David Dodge who was watching his house. Also a Professor Boyles in Perth might help as an expert in native customs. They hopped a ship to Sydney via Melbourne, met Dr. Dodge and got McWhirr’s diary which outlined monster attacks in the Great Sandy Desert and ancient stones he found. Dodge insisted on coming with them so he could write the academic paper. Researching at museums and libraries in Sydney Helen found evidence of long worship of this sand bat god which seemed yet another of the 1000 faces of Nyarlathotep as well as references to an ancient buried city.

Dodge told them Arthur had wired that the diary had come from McWhirr’s attorney Robert Mackenzie of Port Hedland and that was where to port to head inland to Cuncudgerie, the mining camp where the McWhirr expedition had launched it’s expedition.

First to Darwin to check out the Randolph shipping company, another steamship ride. There they gathered rumors of the cult activity in the desert, including that it was led by a white man. Randolph Shipping Company was run by a belligerent drunkard named Toddy Randlolph. While talking to him about an employee whom they had heard might know something about the sleeping god in the desert, Gavin noticed a crate to the Penhew Foundation in London marked with an odd symbol. “Accidentally” knocking it off the stack it broke open to reveal a 3 foot statue of Cthulhu. Toddy threw them out with a loud string of cursing.

Breaking in later they found records of shipments marked with the same symbol to a Mortimer Wycroft in Cundudgerie, as well as to Penhew in London and Fong Shipments in Shanghai. The listing for the crate they had broken listed TWO crates bound for Penhew. They searched and found the other, broke it open to find a strange device of rods, wheels, and mirrors and a note stating it was “:a short term survey device employed by the Yithians”.

They took the device, Gavin fiddled until he activated it. Gavin looked in the eyepiece and immediately slumped into a coma. That looked like fun so Father Mike decide to do the same, but Sean shut off the device. Father Mike could not restart it.

Gavin stayed in the coma, though strange things happened and eventually it seemed he was sleep walking when nobody was looking. Eventually the unconscious Gavin disappeared. Mike and Helen and David Dodge left for Port Hedland, Sean stayed looking for Gavin. Eventually he found Gavin reading a magazine at a coffee shop. Gavin would not talk to Sean and walked away. Sean followed, Gavin stopped and stared at him clearly indicating to leave him alone. Gavin crossed the street not looking for traffic. Sean followed. Gavin stopped and turned, Sean stopped then saw the truck coming, Gavin had stopped precisely where the truck would miss Gavin and hit Sean. Sean dove away but was clipped by the truck and knocked unconscious. Sean spent two weeks in the hospital. When he got out he started looking for Gavin again. Just as he was about to give up Gavin showed up, quite frazzled. He remembered nothing of the past four weeks but was strangely disturbed.

They headed for Port Hedland.

Mopping up in Nairobi

They fled the mountain, dogged by monsters throughout the night. Sean killed a Byakhee.

They caught up with Sam and the released prisoners with the sound of drums beating in the distance. The cult was after them.

That night more monstrosities attacked, including a Hunting Horror. Chaos ensued in a nightmarish blur of horror as blood and screams filled the night. Everybody fled in every direction.

Yesterday there were 50, today 20 survivors. They fled southwards night and day, with Sam Mauriga and James McTavish, a Zebra hunter, leading the way. They were chased by cultists and monsters. It was an exhausting journey with little rest. Eventually they made it back to civilization, starving, sick and exhausted.

They recuperated in Boyovu village with Okomu and Old Bundari. They returned to Nairobi where they found Chuck’s head had been sent, horribly mutilated, probably while he was alive. A missionary priest joined them after having seen what he had seen. They dealt with the police matter of the fire, paying Reggie Barnes $500 to repair his hotel.

They found an altar, graves, cult robes, incense and an ancient tome in Tandoor Singh’s shop. It was a miracle the cult had not cleared it out.

They found Nails Nelson in the loyal defender pub. He was a scumbag drunkard. He verfied seeing Jack Brady in 1923 at a pub in Shanghai, he gave them the address.

They returned to Old Bundari to see if he had found out anything about the Eye of Light and Darkness. He said if it was made whole again it could be activated with a ritual involving men of good heart willing to sacrifice for the cause. The secret of the ritual could be found in some scrolls in the east. Once activated the Eye would block evil power in the vicinity of where the eye was fixed.

Horror at the Mountain of the Black Wind

They thought to delay and wait all day in the chamber to see if the priestess’ party returned, but Gavin noticed Who had become listless and then began to fade. Realizing the magic of this place was going to dispel Who they decide delaying was a bad idea.

Charlie scouted the tunnel, lots of natural side passages but the main worked passage went up at least half a mile and showed evidence of Egyptian design. Helen was amazed that Egyptian influence was found this far south.

They all went up and found an enormous natural cavern supported by pillars that looked like tentacles. Charlie noticed the pillars were actually writhing ever so slightly. There was a large altar of strange blue stone in the middle, a huge bone pile, three pits that appeared to have nasty stuff in the bottom and a dias with a throne. In front of the throne was a low platform with an enormously fat person laying.

The priestess M’Weru was working at the altar and 10 powerful looking tribal warriors lounged about.

They tried to find side passages around to the other side to no avail. Charlie snuck across the chamber hiding in shadows and crept up the back of the dias behind the throne. Peering around he saw the fat creature was Hypatia Masters swollen to the size of a dinner table with wallows of translucent flesh through which two bulbous eyes could be seen staring. Hypatia chanted constantly in a sing-song voice about photography, the Carlysle expedition, and being the bride of a god. This was too much for Charlie and he began having flashbacks to the trenches and the monsters he encountered there. He began yelling and slashing at the air.

The others attacked, Gavin released Who-Is-Not-What-She-Seems who grew to twice the size of an elephant and began trying to eat the cult warriors. Helen and Gavin tried to get to M’Weru, but the warriors stopped them. M’Weru began casting nasty spells, one blasting Charlie mercifully into unconsciousness when he was slammed back into the cavern wall, but the rest managed to resist. Sean charged around the side with his Tommy Gun and blasted at Hypatia while the warriors blocked him. He hit the pregnant monstrosity, but what happened next was unfathomable.

The monstrous form of the Bloody Tongue god, none other than Nyarlathotep himself in his horrific tripedal monstrous form, appeared and instantly healed his unborn progeny. This unravelled both Gavin and Helen who ran screaming from the chamber as the cultists kneeled in reverence. Sean somehow kept his cool as Nyarlathotep advanced on him, taunting him with his failures and the the horrible fates that awaited him. The elder god made it clear that to kill them here would be a mercy that he would not bestow. Sean fled. They all fled. The last thing Sean saw was the monstrous Bloody Tongue god advancing on Who as she gobbled a screaming cultist.

They fled the cavern, the tunnels, the cave and the mountain with all haste, the memories of that horrible chamber chasing them the whole way.

Big Safari

They set off for the Mountain of the Black Wind. They almost lost their guide when Crazy Chucky threatened to cut off his head, only Gavin’s silver tongue convinced him to stay.

As they neared their camp was attacked by cultist tribesmen.

They stayed a week in Ndovu village and healed. They met a missionary there who tended their wounds.

They visited the Corrupt Ground where the Carlyle expedition was massacred, it was spooky.

They left there guide and porter behind and climbed the Black Mountain, following a trail winding up. They found a hidden cave that had a hideous statue of the Bloody Tongue god, a throne, piles of bones and corpses, some sleeping spots and a cage with 50 prisoners, some white. They released the prisoners and found a secret passage behind the statue, one of the prisoners told them the priestess M’Weru and her bodyguards (10 bad ass locals) had gone back there this morning and not yet returned.

Behind the secret door was a ramp leading up into the mountain.


They talked Sam Mariga into being a guide to the location of the Carlysle massacre and the Mt of the Black Wind.

Sean went to the Tea Shoppe of Tandoor Singh.

The hotel was attacked by more Fire Vampires, the Egyptian kid almost died.

Chucky saw the Indian guy from the train toilet watching the fire. He killed him almost dying himself from the hotel owners rifle and the Indian guy’s eye melting spell.

They fled town (arsonists), Sam Mariga told them they were wanted for the death of Tandoor Singh as well as burning down the hotel.

Violence in Mombasa
A lunatic on the loose

Another boring day on the docks. Mr Smythe had Maliki moving that pile to over there. Always “move this there, load this here”, Maliki was a strong young man, but he wondered if it was worth leaving the tribe to come to the big city. The glitter of civilization had drawn him, but he was the lowest of the low here. At least he was able to put food on the table for his baby…

The drudgery was broken by the sounds of gunshots from across the street. Was that coming from Mr. Singh’s place? This couldn’t be good Maliki thought. Mr. Singh had all the right connections, he had the docks sewn up like a tribal vest. If someone was making a move on Mr. Singh it would be bad Ju-Ju! Then Mr. Singh’s factor came running out the front door, fleeing for his life. Maliki dropped the heavy sacks he was carrying on his shoulder, should he run for cover like the others in the area had? As he looked back he saw a white man in a cheap suit come running out of the building,. He didn’t recognize him. The man came running right over to Maliki and in an undeniably British accent under his labored breaths ask Maliki “Which way did he go?” The look in the man’s eyes… Whatever it was it made Maliki afraid. Maliki meekly pointed down the street where Mr. Singh’s man had run. The British fellow took off in that direction. All had gone quiet in the warehouse….

Inspector Worthington was going over the case file from the ship murder one more time. If only all his cases came like this, wrapped in a neat little bundle with a bow on top. Cases were never this easy… almost TOO easy. It made him wonder.

Then the report of multiple homicides on the docks came in. Witnesses and everything. Reports said a British man was involved. Inspector Worthington was not a big believer in coincidence. A ship comes rolling into port with a dead body and a culprit all wrapped up in a bow. A few days later more bodies. Uh-huh, coincidence, sure…

His thought immediately went to that thug who was partners with the dead guy from the ship. He had seen his type before, that guy was trouble. Of course there was the big bald guy with the crazy eyes. Crazy was crazy. They were both British weren’t they? He put those thoughts out of his mind, a good detective does not predispose himself to a solution, he bases it only on the facts. But the fact that there were two worrisome Brits who had just come to Kenya colony WAS a fact. He jotted it down in his notebook and headed off to do his job.

Inspector Worhington was certain whoever did this was NOT from Mombasa. Nobody would hit a known well connected smuggler like Singh so loudly in such a messy manner. They had to be outsiders. The witness, that native laborer Maliki, said he could recognize the man who chased that accountant from the warehouse. Problem is the description Maliki gave was clearly neither the thug nor the lunatic. Maybe an associate? The obvious lead was to check the people who were involved with the ship murder first. There were only 3 hotels that Europeans were likely to use, might as well take Maliki there and see if he can finger the British guy. Couldn’t hurt to have Maliki take a look around. Gotta knock off the low hanging fruit first, then dig deeper.

It was just routine questioning. While at the Met, the third hotel, things had gotten quite boring but then there was some sort of disturbance amongst the staff. Coincidence that there was a disturbance just after an Inspector and witness showed up asking questions? Again, not a big believe in coincidences Inspector Worthington followed up. A guest had gone ill. Might as well check. There’s the guest says the kitchen manager, why was he out back of the service entrance? Maliki said “That’s the man!” Really? This easy again? Inspector Worthington shook his head as he got out the cuffs, wondering where the neat little bow was…

Gavin was in jail. Again. This jail was nasty. So were these colonial cops. He knew they wanted him to flip on Uncle Chuck for slaughtering those guys. He held out for as long as he could.

Fortunately Sean had some experience with graft. The colonial officials had only recently come to power and that made them easy to grease. One large later spread across numerous slimy palms and Gavin was free. Good thing this Ajah Singh fellow was slimier than these other slime balls else Gavin was likely facing firing squad.

However, the message was clear. Leave Mombasa or they would ALL go to the hoosegow. Now about that train schedule…


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