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  • James Waldorf

    p. James, youngest son of William Waldorf Astor, was born with little fanfare on July 12, 1895. With two elder brothers he stood to inherit none of his fathers businesses but was assured of a comfortable monetary stipend. Unsure of how he fit into the …

  • Sean O'Malley

    Irish ancestry, gangster. Runs speak easy in New York. Some skill at B&E. Aspires to be respected in high society. Cousin to [[:anne-kelly-1 | Anne Kelly]].

  • Mike Riley

    Aka "Tex" Rode with Rough Riders in 1898, became pilot, spent 2 years flying in the Great War. Experienced mental trauma. Returned to the states and became barn storming celebrity. Mike was killed by crazed cultists in a hotel room in London.

  • Anne Kelly

    Professional academician. Multiple degrees in Psychotherapy, Medicine, Anthropology, and History. Well known published author. Publisher is [[:jonah-kensington-7 | Jonah Kensington]] of Prospero Publishing. Volunteered as nurse during the Great War, …

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