Masks of Nyarlathotep

Another Relaxing Cruise

An Interlude at Sea

They took a train to Port Said that afternoon and laid low for a couple days until they could catch the SS Osterley on the P&O Orient Line on Saturday afternoon. They all splurged on first class for a much needed rest.

Boarding the ship they noticed one of the ship’s first class stewards watching them closely. Helen recognized one of the other passengers as an Belgian archaeologist, Dr. Rene Delaflote and his party. Chuck also recognized a General he had seen once in the war.

At dinner the first night, Chuck saw Dr. James O’Reilly, the ships doctor and realized he knew him from the Mesopotamia campaign during the war. They had served together in Basra and during the seige of Kut. Chuck and the Dr. shared drinks and reminisced in the lounge that night.

They noticed the Steward, Akbar, watching them. Someone had searched Sean’s cabin while he was out on Monday,

On Tuesday the body of Dr. Delaflote was found in his room by the chambermaid. Dr. O’Reilly was tasked by the Captain to solve the murder before they reached port. Dr. O’Reilly asked Chuck and friends to help.

They searched the crime scene, and interviewed suspects and witnesses. They soon pieced together that Dr. Delaflotte was not well liked by any of his treasure hunting party and found out they were on the trail of the Carlysle expedition hoping to loot the legendary Solomon’s Mines. They eventually came to realize that Delaflote’s daughter, Sophia, blamed him for not being there when her mother died and resented him for controlling her life. She was also in love with Delaflote’s research assistant, Henry. Henry had proposed to Sophia but Delaflote refused to give his consent. They theorized this sent Sophia into a rage and she had killed her father with a blow from an artifact they were smuggling out of the country,

Searching the Egyptian Steward Akbar’s cabin, they found the statue of Bast that was probably the murder weapon. Akbar finally confessed that he was an agent of a Cult of Bast and was tasked with watching for a group of Europeans fleeing Egypt with a holy artifact stolen from Bast. He had entered Delaflotes cabin Monday night to search it and found the statue and the body. He took the statue and fled. He claimed innocence.

They accused Sophia of killing her father, but Henry confessed that he had done it, not Sophia. They arrested Henry and planned to turn him over to authorities upon their arrival in Mombasa.

They Mystery of the Cat’s Cradle had been solved (or had it?).


Uncle Chuck’s Thoughts

Nice, relaxing, low-profile cruise – now there’s the ticket, yep!

Wonder if O’Malley managed to scarf up any notes the late scum bucket doctor had concerning the Carlyle Expedition and particularly anything about Solomon’s Mines. It sure would be nice to come home with a pocket full of diamonds, now wouldn’t it?

I sure screwed the pooch talking to that Steward Akbar the way I did. Now he’ll be telling his buds that Englishmen not only go about stealing Egyptian artifacts but will have their way with you if they can. Should have taken a different tack there – yes I shoulda.

I seen the way Sophia looked when that Henry guy started spilling his guts about being the one that killed the doctor. Women!!!! I hope she was worth it. That poor guy in an Egyptian prison, will last about a week at the outside. Maybe she wil come clean to save him but, if she doesn’t, I hope she dies of some rot. Women, ha!!!

Not you Old Girl! You’re a lady, Sheila! A fine, faithful lady…. Yeah, that’s the ticket. A guy needs a lady like you in Africa.

(And not you either Helen. A fine niece you are.)

Another Relaxing Cruise

Helen’s thoughts:

Ahhh, first class. I’ve never been first class before, oh, I’m gonna sleep good, get cleaned up, relax, eat three times a day, sip a glass of wine here and there, this will be nice and quiet.

I can’t stand the quiet. . Are my friends ok? Are they being careful and laying low? … I can’t stand it I have to make sure uncle Charlie is ok and not doing something we will all regret…

Ok, Uncle Charlie has done something we all regret right off the bat. He started fussing with one of the stewards, Akbar, because he’s been watching us. And of all things Uncle Charlie knows the ship’s doctor from the war and started drinking and talking it up with him. What evere happened to low key?

Oh, for Pete-sake Dr. Delaflote and his daughter are on board with a party in search of riches from Solomom’s Mines (laying low???).

It’s not going to happen they just found Dr. Delaflote dead and Sean’s room has been ransaked. No it’s not going to be a quiet, low profile trip.

The good news is we have been asked to help find the murderer by the Captain. This is new for us…not being the suspects…I think I’m going to like this.

Another Relaxing Cruise

Thoughts from Sean

I just want out of Cairo, what ever it takes! I hate being on a ship though. Ah well. Give me a cabin with a bed. I feel like I could sleep for a week. And maybe I will. As long as I don’t dream. A few bottles of rum outta do the trick. I need some time for figure all this out. Or not. Maybe I won’t think of anything at all.

Oh Hell! I shouldn’t have left my room, I knew it. Someone’s on to us. Is there no where safe for us? And then I find out there’s a group on board that’s looking into the Carlyle Expedition. That’s too close for comfort. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. The daughter is nice to look at. But won’t give me the time of day. Yeah, Honey- if I want the time of day from you bad enough – I’ll just take it!

And now a murder and a robbery? Having to do with that same group? And we’re asked to look into it? (Good God, throw me overboard now.) This dead guy wasn’t real well liked! Hmmm…kinda looks like Sweet Cheeks had a motive. But, so did her uppity boyfriend. And so did one of the associates. Wow! I wonder if this guy had any idea how much everyone hated him. If I were him, I wouldn’t haven taken all my enemies on a cruise with me!

Women! Jeeze! Was it really worth killing him if you’re going to spend the rest of your life in a foreign prison? Well…… I guess if you have a SCHMUCK for a boyfriend who will take the fall for you, it is! He was doomed from the first kiss, with that one. I hope she gets hers one day.

Now, can I relax??!! Just a little? Did anyone get a look at that artifact? I need to get with Akbar. Cultist of Bast? Are all cultist fanatical? I need to talk with Akbar again!

Another Relaxing Cruise

The Personal Journal of Gavin Dempsey

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

A wise man said this and I must agree. We embark on a great journey into the depths of the abyss. I wonder what we will find or what will find us. I do admit to a certain excitement riding alongside my trepidation. I continue to speak of the opportunities as an author but that, in truth, is but a screen for me real need. I have become an addict of excitement, a devotee of danger, and I am unsure how to shake this desire other than to sate it. I hope I have not gone too far this time.

Another Relaxing Cruise

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