Masks of Nyarlathotep

Horror at the Mountain of the Black Wind

They thought to delay and wait all day in the chamber to see if the priestess’ party returned, but Gavin noticed Who had become listless and then began to fade. Realizing the magic of this place was going to dispel Who they decide delaying was a bad idea.

Charlie scouted the tunnel, lots of natural side passages but the main worked passage went up at least half a mile and showed evidence of Egyptian design. Helen was amazed that Egyptian influence was found this far south.

They all went up and found an enormous natural cavern supported by pillars that looked like tentacles. Charlie noticed the pillars were actually writhing ever so slightly. There was a large altar of strange blue stone in the middle, a huge bone pile, three pits that appeared to have nasty stuff in the bottom and a dias with a throne. In front of the throne was a low platform with an enormously fat person laying.

The priestess M’Weru was working at the altar and 10 powerful looking tribal warriors lounged about.

They tried to find side passages around to the other side to no avail. Charlie snuck across the chamber hiding in shadows and crept up the back of the dias behind the throne. Peering around he saw the fat creature was Hypatia Masters swollen to the size of a dinner table with wallows of translucent flesh through which two bulbous eyes could be seen staring. Hypatia chanted constantly in a sing-song voice about photography, the Carlysle expedition, and being the bride of a god. This was too much for Charlie and he began having flashbacks to the trenches and the monsters he encountered there. He began yelling and slashing at the air.

The others attacked, Gavin released Who-Is-Not-What-She-Seems who grew to twice the size of an elephant and began trying to eat the cult warriors. Helen and Gavin tried to get to M’Weru, but the warriors stopped them. M’Weru began casting nasty spells, one blasting Charlie mercifully into unconsciousness when he was slammed back into the cavern wall, but the rest managed to resist. Sean charged around the side with his Tommy Gun and blasted at Hypatia while the warriors blocked him. He hit the pregnant monstrosity, but what happened next was unfathomable.

The monstrous form of the Bloody Tongue god, none other than Nyarlathotep himself in his horrific tripedal monstrous form, appeared and instantly healed his unborn progeny. This unravelled both Gavin and Helen who ran screaming from the chamber as the cultists kneeled in reverence. Sean somehow kept his cool as Nyarlathotep advanced on him, taunting him with his failures and the the horrible fates that awaited him. The elder god made it clear that to kill them here would be a mercy that he would not bestow. Sean fled. They all fled. The last thing Sean saw was the monstrous Bloody Tongue god advancing on Who as she gobbled a screaming cultist.

They fled the cavern, the tunnels, the cave and the mountain with all haste, the memories of that horrible chamber chasing them the whole way.


Ramblings of Sean ~
I am so afraid that I am truly already crazy and this hellish life I live is all in my mind. What if none of it is real? What if it’s all real and I just keep reliving it? What if it’s all real and I can’t stop the evil? What if Nyarlathotep was right? This might just be worse than death.

That thing! That giant grotesque thing was Hypatia, pregnant, all this time. Pregnant with a god spawn in her? What a Horror! Must have happened in Cairo. Bet that was a party.

I hope Crazy Uncle Chuck is dead, for his sake. I couldn’t check. I couldn’t save him. And I couldn’t finish him. We just left him. Maybe the last blood Sheila drinks, will be his. If he can get his wits about him long enough.
I just want to run and never stop – until I reach the bottom of a gin bottle. Run from everyone and everything that has ever had to do with the Carlysle’s.
I remember Every – Single – Moment in that mountain! Nothing is blurry. Every sound. Nyarlathotep’s booming voice chasing me down the halls. I remember it all. And he’s right, damn him! I’ll go, ever so slowly, out….of….my…..mind…..


Tearful thughts from Helen:

Poor Uncle Charlie he never would of come if it hadn’t been for me. He wanted to protect me and keep me safe. He knew better than all of us the horrors of evil we might encounter. It was love for me that gave him the courage to come with us even though he new we might all die. I convinced him we had to find the truth. We had to try and make a difference. That maybe things were not as bad as he had remembered from the war nightmares, maybe he was just imagining the worst. Oh, I was so wrong and now I have to try and live with myself because if it hadn’t been for me ,Sweet Uncle Charlie would still be alive.

Everything keeps rolling around in my mind. I feel sick to my stomach and sick at heart for my Uncle… Oh, It Hurts So Much!!

We all tried so hard but it was impossible. I’m so ashamed that I just ran like a scared baby when Uncle fell. He looked so dead and I didn’t have the courage to go back and check on him…

I can’t stop crying. I keep seeing his face. Everytime I close my eyes I see myself running and screamming hysterically while my poor sweet Uncle lay dead.

Sean kept trying and like Uncle Charlie but when he finally hit Hypatia it didn’t even phase her or her evil off spring. It’s just one horrible thing after another I just want to get out of here. I just want to forget…


It’s real. It’s all real…I’ve seen things these last weeks, things I never would have expected. Frightening things, mystical things, but nothing like…..that. What was that horror? I thought of nothing but running. I have no idea what happened to Charlie, but if he’s lucky then he’s dead and I have no idea how Sean got out of there but perhaps Who was able to distract that beast long enough for most of us to get out. I’m not sure if I should put a bullet in my head or dedicate the rest of my, likely short, life to stopping that thing so that nobody else ever needs to know about. But where to start? We’ve supposedly got leads in Australia and the Far East. Those are quite distant locals. Normally the adventurer in me would be thrilled but…I just don’t know. I suspect we should try and track down this Nails fellow before we make our escape but I have no idea if we’ll even be able to get back into Nairobi.


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