Husam al Din Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani

Vengeant Ulama


Usam was born to a wealthy family, his father worked for the Egyptian government. Usam’s father was a pious muslim as was Usam. Usam’s father paid for his education at the Mosque of Ibn Tulum in Cairo. There Usam studied the sciences, law, languages, and history. He also showed physical prowess and so was trained in fighting with sword and knives. Usam was a bright and diligent student and devout.

When the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah attacked the Mosque and killed 6 of his brothers and stole the Girdle of Nitocris, Usam swore vengeance upon the infidels in the name of Allah, He found the Sword of Akmallah, the holy sword wielded by his murdered teacher, in the rubble after the attack. Taking up the sword he set off after the Brotherhood.


Husam al Din Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani

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