James Waldorf

Black sheep of the Waldorfs


Age: 29
Occupation: Rich Bitch

STR 11, CON 11, SIZ 16, DEX 10, APP 15, INT 13, POW 16, EDU 14


James, youngest son of William Waldorf Astor, was born with little fanfare on July 12, 1895. With two elder brothers he stood to inherit none of his fathers businesses but was assured of a comfortable monetary stipend. Unsure of how he fit into the family and the work in general, James has dabbled with many diversions.

He felt the call of service and the promise of adventure in the Great War becoming a mounted rifleman and low level officer. While a competent shot and an adequate leader, his strengths lay in his infectious personality. Always ready for any excuse to have fun, he was known to lead his platoon on wild rides through occupied cities singing and drinking. He thought it was rebellious and fun but the boost to morale wasn’t overlooked by his superiors who gave him much leeway.

After the war, he still wasn’t sure what to do so he tried to follow his brothers into a civilized profession and attended Harvard as a pre-law student. After less than a year, he quietly left one night and didn’t return. It just wasn’t for him.

These days he mostly spends his time socializing with socialites, high and low. Prohibition has provided another way for him to annoy his father. Always somewhat neglectful, William avoids his son unless forced to interact, usually by a law man or an annoyed business owner. In order to gain a little independence from the family and spare his father a little grief, James uses his father’s middle name instead of Astor.

James’ time in the speakeasies isn’t for naught as he has built up quite a few favors with the best bootleggers and bosses in New York. He can get you just about anything you need and all you usually need to do is show him a fun night.

Never one to settle down, James has left a wake of ladies in his path. His current love interest is the young and impressionable Kathrin Roth, daughter of the famous architect and family friend Emery Roth. She is drawn to his bad boy lifestyle and plays to part of decorative arm piece to a point. She has her limits and has no problem letting James know when he’s crossed that line. One of those limits is disappearing on a whim for adventure without telling her. He’s compromised by writing her frequently when he’s out of town and his letters have become a sort of diary of his travels.

James Waldorf

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